In 2015, our journey in the subscription box industry began, with a mission to redefine the status quo. Our business, which started with a shop, carved a niche in an industry dominated by exclusivity. Offering a fresh perspective, we catered to a broader audience, focusing on inclusivity and breaking away from the norms. Since our inception, we’ve made significant strides, gaining recognition from esteemed publications such as Glamour, PopSugar, and Cosmopolitan.

Motivation and Decision-Making: Motivated by the realization that many subscription boxes catered exclusively to heterosexual couples, with a heavy emphasis on feminine items and vibrators, we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap. The decision to offer a more inclusive range of products was driven by a desire to provide options for everyone, regardless of their preferences.

Challenges and Successes: The journey hasn’t been without its challenges, particularly in advertising due to the industry’s restrictions on adult products. However, being featured in prominent articles has propelled our business forward, reinforcing the importance of our mission.

Industry Engagement: While industry events and conferences have not been a primary focus, our approach to networking involves seeking like-minded individuals who share our inclusive vision. Connecting with those who align with our values has been instrumental in building meaningful relationships.

Challenges and Resilience: Advertising challenges, stemming from restrictions on adult products, have pushed us to focus on expanding our social media presence. Learning to navigate these challenges, our primary objective is to increase visibility through various social media platforms.

Vendor/Buyer Dynamics: In our interactions with vendors and buyers, we aim to foster positive collaborations. While we occasionally give out promotional boxes to spark interest, we haven’t encountered any significant challenges in this aspect.

Community and Support: Community support is paramount, and our inclusive nature has garnered a positive response. While there is always room for improvement, the industry has shown resilience and progress, continually releasing diverse products that champion inclusivity.

Future Outlook: Looking ahead, our business envisions a future filled with unlimited possibilities. We are committed to expanding our product offerings, increasing our social media presence, and fostering even more collaborations within the adult industry.

As we navigate the subscription box industry, our commitment to inclusivity remains unwavering. Our journey, marked by challenges and successes, is a testament to the importance of breaking boundaries and fostering a more inclusive and supportive community within the adult industry. With a focus on continuous growth and collaboration, the future holds exciting prospects for our business and the industry as a whole.