Are you ready to say Oh!?

This quarter’s box is all about heightening your sense of touch and your sense of hearing. This box is all about creating an experience for you to explore. Get creative and allow your imagination to run wild! Add a little suspense to your play by experimenting with the Bijoux Shhh blindfold. Eliminating your partner’s sense of sight is a great way to introduce a little mystery into your sensual endeavor. Use it to shift roles, allowing one partner to become more in control of what happens while allowing the other person to imagine the kinky and sensual possibilities. By turning down what is being seen, you can turn up your sense of touch and excitement with the XOXO slapper; hearing each smack and feeling the tingly sensation of your partner’s play. Enjoy a little frisky massage and wax play and get rubbed down with the Earthly Body massage candle all while getting warmed up in all the right places. Feel the soft bites of the S&M Red & Black Stripe Floggers’ tips or their tantalizing tickle as they are stroked up and down your intimate areas. Get down and dirty and then clean again with Swipes Lovin intimate wipes! These items are all about exploring new ways to play and enjoying what makes you say Ohhh!


Discuss your fantasies and boundaries with your playmate! Communication makes everything more enjoyable. Get creative and get ready to say Oh!


  • X’s & Oh!’s