UPDATE: We have decided to remove the monthly option from the Big Oh! Box subscriptions. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Monthly VS Quarterly

What’s the difference?

Each quarter you will receive items that are based around a theme but each option has a different method to get those items to you.

With The Big Oh! Boxes quarterly box you will receive all of the quarters themed items in one box. You will also receive full sized accessories such as lubricant and cleaner.

The monthly box will include specific items that are set for that quarter but they will be delivered every month along with smaller sample items instead of full sized.


January – March theme includes items designed for spanking.

Whip, Flogger, Paddle, Spanking crème.

The quarterly box will include all of those items in addition to full sized lubricant (6oz+) and accessories.

Monthly boxes would have the main items, whip, flogger, etc., delivered separately and will have sample sized lubricants and accessories.

Both boxes will have have a toy sent out that you select using the “Pick Your Pleasure” drop down.

Quarterly and monthly boxes will usually have different toys included with them.

If you have any other questions about the difference between the monthly and quarterly boxes you can send an email over to support@bigohbox.com and we will get back yo you as soon as we can.

Have fun and have a Big Oh!