Spring has officially sprung, and the Big Oh! shop is blossoming! This month, we are debuting fifty shades of green with a fresh selection of eco-friendly items! All brands in our curated Natural Pleasure section possess a forward-thinking, environmentally-conscious ethos who have convinced us that …green is the new black. We are proud to showcase these following brands, who are igniting a new wave of eco-erotic experiences.

eco-eroticIntimate Earth

Each formula in this special range of pleasure glides, massage oils, and stimulation serums are “crafted with organic extracts carefully harvested to optimize pleasure & safety.” All formulas are made without glycerin, parabens, aspartame, alum (plus more) and are vegan & cruelty-free. The ‘cruelty-free’ part, of course refers to testing on animals, but it can also refer to how we treat our own bodies as well. (Stop polluting ‘em!) For example, benzocaine is a commonly-found ingredient in anal numbing creams, which blocks the body from feeling pain during penetration. This frequently causes tearing, as well as other long-term effects. By using natural clove oil, the Adventure Anal Relaxing Serum does just that – effectively calms the bum, without eliminating sensation. The best way we can describe it is like…a glass of wine for your butt. Seriously, it’s undeniably relaxing. (You can thank us later.)

The ‘Intense’ Clitoral Arousal Serum is a real treat for the clit queen, and the Elite Shiitake Vitamin-E infused Silicone Glide is not absorbed by the body, providing maximum silicone lubrication as long as you need it. Also recommended: Awake Aromatherapy Massage Oil for a pop of energy in the bedroom! (Two words: liquid sunshine!)

eco-eroticEarthly Body

Checking off every box on the sustainable list, Earthly Body is known for their hemp-derived, natural, cruelty-free, and vegan products. To clarify- the industrial hemp seed that is used in these products, as well as other cosmetics- is not marijuana. By sterilizing the hemp seeds, all elements of THC are gone, making all Earthly Body items 100% drug-free. This family owned business was established in 1996, and they continue to maintain eco-friendly core values through and through. This includes recycled product packaging, and electric car charging stations for employees at their warehouse facility.

Their all-natural massage oils, candles and lotions taste as good as they feel, with zero of the guilt! The Juicy Watermelon Tasty Travel Collection is pack-n-play pleasure, with an array of treats to delight each of the senses.


BMS Leaf

The BMS team encourages us to “allow your senses to become one with nature itself”, with their one-of a kind line of personal vibrators. These ergonomically shaped vibes are an eco-friendly match from the actual leaf shape, down to the conscious choice of materials. The product itself was inspired by the natural shape of a bright green, budding leaf. Each BSM Leaf Vibe incorporates their supercharged PowerBullet and a rechargeable battery, encased in waterproof silicone. Each vibrator in the BMS range promotes gender-friendly play, with soft curves to stimulate the clitoris, titillate the nipples, slide along the shaft, or hug the testicles. These toys aren’t just a pretty face; they’ve got substance, too.

Big Oh! Pick: Leaf Vibe Vitality, with two dual motors for on-demand pleasure wherever you want it.

One of the sexiest feelings during sex is to feel empowered, and by investing eco-conscious,  eco-erotic, pleasure products, you are pretty much saving the world! That’s hot! From Intimate Earth to Earthly Body to BMS, we never knew that making the choice to reduce our carbon footprint could feel so good. We hope you treat yourself to some eco-erotic fun times! As always, feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions or product requests, anytime!