About Us

Rachel Gibbs

I’m Rachel Gibbs, the owner of Passionate Ideas Inc.! I’m “the talent”. I study Criminal Justice and Sociology at Old Dominion University and have a deep love for my Sexuality and Gender Studies courses.


The Big Oh! Box started with the concept and goal of being sex positive and inclusive of all persons, regardless of body type or sexual orientation. We believe that pleasure shouldn’t be reserved for any specific person, sexual orientation or even for a specific time. Our vision is to help you find what pleases you most, whether it’s with a partner, or playing solo. Everyone deserves to play and you deserve something more than just a “date night” box. Our goal is to help everyone achieve their big oh!

Rachel – I have a deep ambition to help people and I love to have my mind blown. Michael and I had a lot of conversations about what our life and career goals were and we were always on the same page when it came to helping others. I love listening to podcasts while I work and I was introduced to one by a co-worker that was focused on sex positivity and education. I immediately became addicted and would talk with Michael about the various points of views on sex related topics and would share with him all of the things I had learned and it became pretty apparent that this is what lit our minds on fire. It was something that we both enjoyed learning and talking about. We wanted a way that we could share ideas of sex positivity and inclusiveness and we wanted to be able to reach many people with these ideas. We noticed that subscription services featuring adult toys were geared towards heterosexual couples with an emphasis on spicing up their sex lives with a featured “date night”. We felt that these boxes didn’t promote sex positivity in that they appeared to be very exclusive to heteronormative standards and identities. This is where we decided that we could make a difference. EVERYONE deserves to enjoy themselves and explore their sexuality and bodies regardless of how they identify sexually or socially.

Michael Gibbs

I’m Michael Gibbs, the other owner of Passionate Ideas Inc and the company that started The BIg Oh! Box. Graduated from Old Dominion University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. I’m the numbers guy and Rachel is the creative one. It works out great.